DJ Events


Our DJ’s are FULL TIME entertainers!

Our DJ’s at Nexus Productions Inc. are on the road every weekend performing at hundreds of events each year which keeps us up to date on the latest & greatest music along with knowing the timeless classics of every decade & genre to get any age group on the dance floor.

Perfect for ANY Occasion

Our DJs love celebrating life’s specials moments with our amazing clients! If it’s a High School Prom to a College Sorority party to a Corporate Holiday party, our DJs CAN do it all. We love performing for every crowd & have DJs that specialize in every genre of music for any age group!


What Makes Our Events Successful

  • Interactive DJs – We bring your event to life with our interactive DJs who keep it upbeat for all ages, engaging your guests with fun games, line dancing and fist pumping fun throughout the event.
  • Upbeat Music – We provide the latest chart-topping tracks to keep your guests dancing all night long. We also offer the edited versions of songs for family and school events.
  • Reliable Equipment –  Our DJs use state-of-the-art equipment which is reliability tested every week. We also provide back-up gear at every event.

What Type of Events We Work:

dj-corporateCorporate Events

We provide background music, an emcee for announcements and interactive dancing to keep your families, employees and customers satisfied at your corporate event.

dj-greekGreek Events

Make your date party or philanthropic event a success with our professional light shows, high energy music and interactive DJs who will keep the party going all night long!

dj-schoolSchool Events

We specialize in all school functions including dances, proms, jog-a-thons, fundraisers and graduations and provide professional lighting and sound and interactive dancing!

dj-karaokeKaraoke Events

Get your party started with with Karaoke! We offer over 10,000 selections to choose from, wireless microphones and monitors with lyrics for your singers to sing along.

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